Posted by: Bill MacBride | August 1, 2007

Misconceptions about Cruising

People who object to a cruise vacation have a lot of misconceptions of what a cruise vacation is like.  I thought I’d address some of those misconceptions here today.

“Cruises cost too much.”

When you consider what you get for your cruise fare the cost is realistic.  Cruises are mostly all-inclusive.  Your meals, entertainment, stateroom, transporation to beautiful ports of call, use of the pools and fitness center, etc. are all included.

“I’ll get seasick”

That does happen to some people, however there are ways to avoid it.  Todays modern ships have stabilizers that greatly reduce the rocking motion.  Try to get a stateroom near midship on a deck that’s not too high or too low.  If you are still worried try SeaBands.  Modern medicine can also help with Dramamine, Bonine, or the Seasickness Patch, check with your doctor.

“I worry about being in the Caribbean during hurricane season”

With state of the art weather forcasting and the speed of the ships that’s not a problem.  You might not get to go to the islands on your itinerary but your Captain will take you to other islands that are not being affected by the weather.  If you’re on a land based vacation during a hurricane your hotel can’t just pick up and go somewhere else but a cruise ship can.

You don’t have to cruise the Caribbean.  You can cruise all over the world now, Alaska, Europe, Asia, South America.  Anywhere you want to go, there’s a cruise that goes there.

“There’s too much food, I’ll gain weight.”

There are plenty of healthy choices you can make.  It’s not all high fat, high cholesterol food.  If you have a special diet the ship can accommodate you if you let your travel agent know your needs when you book your cruise.  Nobody is forcing you to eat dessert every night or make that third trip to the buffet.  If you do splurge now and then there are lots of ways to work it off.  Some of the offerings are a full gym, aerobics classes, a jogging track, ping pong, swimming, boxing, ice skating, bowling, rock wall climbing and surfing, to name a few depending on which ship you’re on.  So the idea that it’s 24 hours a day of eating and sitting on a lounge chair is a myth, unless that’s what you want.

“Everybody gets Norovirus on a cruise.”

Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer.  Try to limit using handrails and door handles.  Don’t put your hand on the rail and drag it down three flights of stairs.  You don’t know what the people in front of you have been doing with their hands.  If you can push a door open with your foot do it, slowly.  If you need to use a handle to exit a public restroom, open the door with a paper towel in your hand then drop the towel in the trash.

Cruising is a great way to vacation.  There are ships and cruise itineraries for everyone.  I suggest you consider a cruise for your next vacation.  You’ll be glad you did.  To book your cruise vacation call Bill at 1-800-636-7230. 


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