Posted by: Bill MacBride | September 12, 2007

Another Research Trip to Walt Disney World

I just got back from an 8 night vacation at Walt Disney World.  I stayed at All Star Movies from 8/31 – 9/8.  I’ve stayed there before but I think I’m done with Disney’s Value Resorts.  I really prefer the Moderate’s and Deluxe Resorts.  The rooms at the Values are small, the bath towels aren’t much thicker than paper towels and the cast members have a less than magical attitude.

The ice machine on my floor wasn’t working.  A maintenance worker told me it has been broken for a month and he reported it.  I also reported it.  When it was still not working three days later I visited “concierge”(concierge at a Value Resort, right) to find out why.  The first thing the “concierge” cast member told me is that I can use the ice on the other floors and that ice is contracted out to a vendor and there is nothing they can do about it.  He also added that it’s hard to keep the ice machines working in the heat.  His attitude showed me that he didn’t care.  That ice machine never did get fixed and I imagine it still isn’t fixed.  If you’re going to All Star Movies soon and you’re in building 2 on the third floor be prepared to go to the 2nd floor for ice.  Ok, ice rant over.

On our second day there while walking back to our building from the parking lot we noticed a plastic bottle, a paper wrapper of some sort, and rubber gloves in the bushes.  We reported it to the front desk.  When we checked out the trash was still in the bushes.

We drive everywhere while at WDW and we visit the other resorts.  Everytime we would return to our resort I had to show my room card at the guard shack.  When we visited Port Orleans Riverside, French Quarter, and Disney’s Coronado Springs and Animal Kingdom Lodge resorts the guards there just looked at my parking pass in the windshield and waved us on.  Why did I have to show my room card at my own resort but not those others?

While we were on vacation Disney raised the price to park at their theme parks.  For cars the price went from $10 to $11 on September 1st.  So the next time you visit Walt Disney World remember to add $11 per night if you’re staying off property.

We used Disney’s Dining Plan on this trip.  It was free but even if we were paying for it it’s a great bargain.  It’s really too much food.  Without the Dining Plan you will probably pay more for food even if you only do one full service restaurant, one character meal and counter service for everything else during your stay.  The only complaint I have about it is that it’s difficult to get reservations.  We were still able to walk up to most restaurants and get in though.  If you’re really counting on eating at a particular restaurant I urge you to make reservations well before arriving at The World.



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